Apostolic – Prophetic Network


Vision Statement:

Destiny Word Apostolic – Prophetic Network has been established to advance the new move of God, the Apostolic – Prophetic Reformation.



  1.  To establish Apostolic Base kind of churches and ministries that are capable of impacting seven mountains of influence, through training and commissioning Kingdom agents thereto.
  2. To establish strong spiritual family connections with those who are connected to us at a covenant level, which family would produce a legacy carrying offspring/generation.
  3. To impact the Body of Christ and the society in general with the legacy that has been entrusted to us by God, i.e. the Presence of God, the Prophetic Mantle and Apostolic Accuracy.
  4. To create an enabling environment and atmosphere for Kingdom ministries and structures (businesses, schools, farms, etc.) through the fathering grace, mentoring, partnership, training, counselling and connecting like minded practitioners.
  5.  To pool our strength and resources together to meet each other’s needs, and those of the disadvantaged people within our reach.
  6. To create a dependable and credible platform to exchange knowledge, information and relevant skills in order to enhance productivity and efficiency. 
  7. To manage effective invasion of the nations through the Word of God, relevant structures and programs.

Head-Leaders and Their Roles

Maanda Petrus and Sylvia Mamuhohi

Presiding leaders of the network Director: Media Sector Director: Publication Sector

Pastor Leonard Ledwaba

Dean: Destiny Word School of God’s Current Move

Pastor Lydia Netshizwa

Director: Education Sector 

Mrs. Khuthadzo Mudau

Director: Children’s Ministries

Mr. Shonisani Moses Mudau

Director: Business Sector

Mrs. Charity Mashudu Makongoza

Chief Administration Officer: Champion of Charity

Pastor Ronald Mukwevho

Head leader: Destiny Word Worship Team

Mr. Meshack Ramalala

Projects Manager: Destiny Word Projects 



 Structures And Their Roles: 

Media Sector:

To penetrate the society through relevant avenues, e.g. Radio and Television for the purpose of equipping the public with:

The Word of God.

Financial literacy.

Business empowerment skills.

Agricultural skills, opportunities and market information.

Publication Sector:

To compile and publish material for:

1. Destiny Word School of God’s Current Move.

2. Workers empowerment seminars/workshops.

3. Employers empowerment seminars/workshops.

4. Community leadership empowerment programs.

5. Business empowerment seminars/workshops.

Destiny Word School of God’s Current Move

1) To equip the Body of Christ with issues of the current move of God, the Apostolic – Prophetic Reformation.

1. First Year Courses:

• The New Move of God

• Building in the Spirit

• Praise and Worship Patterns

• Introduction to the Prophetic

• Discovering your Prophetic Assignment

• Kingdom Connections

• Raising a Purposeful Marriage


2. Second Year Courses:

• Raising an Apostolic Governing Church

• Apostolic Relations

• Transfer of Legacy

• Moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

• Prophetic Ministry

• How to Subdue the Place of Your Primary Assignment

• Prosperity with Purpose

• Church Administration

• Taking Church Stock


3. Third Year Courses:

• Developing a Kingdom Vision

• Raising an Isaac Generation

• The School of the Spirit

• The Significance of Spiritual Stature

• The Ministry of the Pastor Part I

• The Ministry of the Pastor Part II

• Impacting 7 Mountains of Influence

• Evangelism • The School of Basics

Champion of Charity

To facilitate School Based Empowerment Programs.

To facilitate sporting activities, e.g. soccer and netball.

To facilitate primary health care services.

To facilitate social care services.

To run drop-in centre services.

To facilitate youth empowerment services.

Education Sector

1. To ensure effective facilitation and active participation in the education sector through:

Initiating day care centres in strategic places.

Managing establishment of Destiny Word Combined Christian School.

Co-labouring with other Christian schools to ensure that the Church is making reasonable impact in the education sector.

Children Ministries:

To compile Children’s Ministries documents.

To equip leaders of Children Ministries in churches.

To run children rallies.

To conduct outreach programs for the purpose of impacting lives of the children.

To facilitate establishment of a formal training centre for leaders/teachers of children ministries.

Destiny Word Worship Team

Destiny Worship Team exists for the following purposes:

To receive new songs from heaven in order to condition the atmosphere with the words and sounds from heaven.

To equip worship teams from Destiny Word Apostolic – Prophetic Network churches and ministries.

To lead worship sessions during Destiny Word Ministries conferences/programs.

To train the next generation of worship leaders and true worshippers.

Destiny Word Projects

Destiny Word Projects entail the following:

Acquisition of immovable properties.

Acquisition of movable properties.

Stewardship of both movable and immovable ones.