“Giving hope to the hopeless; resurrecting buried dreams.”

A Division of Destiny Word Apostolic – Prophetic Instituted NPC

Reg. No. 2014/080086/08


Champion of Charity is a division of Destiny Word Apostolic-Prophetic Institute. It was formed in 2011 with the aim of influencing the mountain of education, impacting community leaders, the youth and community based organizations. Though it aims at offering different services, It is now more focused on serving schools, especially primary schools in Nzhelele East Circuit and Nzhelele Central Circuit of Education wherein 25 schools are participating in its programs, namely: Sheshe, Tshiavha, Tshiheni, Thononda, Muiladi, Tshikovhani, Tshiendeulu, Tshithuthuni, Tshikombani, Tshirenzheni, Siloam, Mphaila, Sendedza, Dzanani, Vhutuwangadzebu, Shura, Mandiwana, Pfumbada, Tshabvuma, Matanda, Mauluma, Mavhunga, Raliphaswa, Makumbwi and Nanga Primary Schools.


 Each year, since 2015 we have been adding 6 schools to our program, i.e. we started in 2016 with 6 schools; In the year 2020 we will be adding 6 more schools. Our goal is to take up all circuits in Vhembe District by the grace of God.




Spelling Bee Competition:

 Grade 4 to Grade 6 learners participate in this program from classroom competition, where all the learners from all participating schools compete. At this level, 10 similar words are pronounced and learners write them at the same time. Top 3 learners per school proceed to cluster competition, here now they are given 10 words to pronounce and spell. Top 5 learners per cluster proceed to inter-cluster competition; here top 3 learners per grade are discovered and crowned (awarded). Every cluster consists of 6 primary schools; except for one cluster with 7 schools. The program is aimed at improving knowledge of English amongst learners. It also boosts the learners’ confidence. It has produced competent learners who also excelled and scooped awards in Grade 7 Common Exams. The learner who was crowned with the best of the best award in grade 7 common exams was always coming on top in Spelling Bee in the previous years.

Grade 7 Common Exam in English and Mathematics:

Grade 7 learners from all participating schools write the common exams in chosen centres. What makes this common exam special is that both learners and educators see the question papers on the day of writing and educators are not even allowed in exam rooms until learners have completed their exams. Champion of Charity facilitates the setting of tests through different examiners from a different circuit of education. Since the programs were initiated good competition amongst the schools has been greatly rekindled. The principals and educators have actually attested to this fact.

Mentorship Program:

The top performers (three from every participating school) in Grade 7 Common Exam are recruited to our mentoring program. The program ensures that during their secondary school years they are monitored and equipped educationally, spiritually and socially. Since 2016, fifty-three (53) learners have formed part of the program. Next year we will be having 120 learners into our mentorship program.