School of God’s Current Move

(An Apostolic-Prophetic Institute)



Destiny Word School of God’s Current Move has been established to update and upgrade believers on the Current Move of God, the Apostolic and Prophetic Move, and to teach them the current ways of God, so that they could co-labor with Him in the ways He is using to impact the Nations of the World in these last days.



2.1.      To diffuse the current divine revelations in order to update the Church on God’s current agenda.

2.2.      To stir hunger and thirst for God in the hearts of believers so that they would seek for His presence.

2.3.      To upgrade believers in order to challenge them to rise to a new and higher level in their walk with God.

2.4.      To relate with up-coming and current Christian leaders in order to assist them as they seek for accuracy in building the Church with God.

2.5.      To release believers into their God-ordained destinies and to offer continuous support to those pursuing their prophetic journeys.




Module 1 (DP101): The New Move of God                                                     
Module 2 (DP102): Building in the Spirit                                                       
Module 3 (DP103): Praise and Worship Patterns                                          
Module 4 (DP104): Introduction to the Prophetic                                          
Module 5 (DP105): Discovering your Prophetic Assignment                          
Module 6 (DP106): Kingdom Connections                                                     
Module 7 (DP107): Raising a Purposeful Marriage
Module 1 (ADP201): The Apostolic Governing Church
Module 2 (ADP202): Apostolic Relations                                                       
Module 3 (ADP203): Transfer of Legacy                                                       
Module 4 (ADP204): Moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit                           
Module 5 (ADP205): The Prophetic Ministry                                                
Module 6 (ADP206): Subduing the Place of your Primary Assignment                     
Module 7 (ADP207): Prosperity with Purpose                                               
Module 8 (ADP208): Church Administration                                                
Module 9 (ADP209): Taking Church Stock                                                   
Module 1 (ADP 301) Developing a Kingdom Vision
Module 2 (ADP302) Raising and ISAAC Generation
Module 3 (ADP303) The Significance of Spiritual Stature
Module 4 (ADP304) The School of the Spirit
Module 5 (ADP305) Pastoral Ministry (Part 1)
Module 6 (ADP306) Pastoral Ministry (Part 2)
Module 7 (ADP307) Evangelism
 Module 8 (ADP308) Impacting Seven Mountains of Influence
Module 9 (ADP309) The School of Basics

Note that 3rd year students attend at Destiny Word Apostolic Centre, Mandiwana Nzhelele (once per month)


The 1st year students

Student Registration fee: R500

The 1st year students will pay R300, 00 per month (February to end of October)

Total= R3 500, 00

The 2nd year students

Student registration: R500

The will pay R400, 00 per months (February to end of October)

Total= R4500, 00

Third year course: R3500, 00

Student registration: R1500


Student Graduation fee: R250, 00

The Graduation items cost (hood, cap & regalia) (Call Ps. Ledwaba at 076 2046 408)

Account Holder   :   DESTINY WORD Apostolic – Prophetic Institute

Bank                     :   Standard Bank

Account number :   330 1856 08

Branch                  :   Louis Trichardt 

Association of Graduates


1. To offer Continuous apostolic and prophetic input. 

2. To offer mentoring and coaching services.

3. To offer holistic support to those involved with practical Kingdom advancement activities. 

4. To expose members to current developments in the current Move of God.

5. To afford opportunity to members to invest into Destiny Word with resources and ideas.

Modes of Operation:

1. Regional conferences. (Tzaneen, Polokwane, Vhembe and Arcornhoek)

2. Annual conference at Destiny Word Apostolic Centre.

3.  Monthly Letter of Encouragement.

     Content of the Letter: 

     3.1. From the president’s desk.

     3.2. Testimony from member.

     3.3. Announcements.

     3.4. DW Products on sale.

     3.5. Promotions.

4. A first planned conference is planned for 8 and 9 May here at Destiny Word Apostolic Centre, Mandiwana.

May Kingdom wheels roll on!